What We’re About

As a model for local church involvement in an at-risk community, EnterMission serves as the community collaboration point for Granger Community Church in its work in the Monroe Circle Community of inner-city South Bend, Indiana. Since November 2006, EnterMission has operated in the community, and now operates a fully functional community center where more than 500 families within the Monroe Circle Community are regularly served through vocational training, after-school tutoring, community gatherings, feeding programs, elementary-age child mentoring and personal discipleship.

EnterMission’s expanded role within the community also includes the networking and resource centralization of large-scale outside agencies, partnerships and programs, including the City of South Bend, Stanz Foodservice, Panera Bread, Fifth Third Bank, MTI/Adams Engineering, Center for the Homeless, Indiana State Work Release and the South Bend School Corporation.

  • In the past, local churches have primarily been in “support” mode. The relationships were merely transactional—a partnership based on supporting the mission of other organizations through finances and volunteers. The old model? One party leads and everyone else follows.
  • EnterMission adheres to a new model where partners work together toward a shared vision, following and leading based on the nature of the work. The relationships are transformational; everyone gives from their strengths and receives the strength of the others.

Board Members



Ted Bryant
Pastor of Family Ministry at Granger Community Church


Dave Moore
Board Member
Finance Director at Granger Community Church


Maribeth Roncz
Board Member
Loan Originator at First Federal Savings Bank

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